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Decorate Your Gingerbread House with these Colorful Candies

A holiday tradition for many is building gingerbread houses and including them as part of holiday decorations. A few days ago we shared some of our favorite Gingerbread House Kits that are always big sellers this time of year. They contain everything you need to build a gingerbread house and you don’t have to even turn on the oven!

For those of you who prefer to make everything from scratch, building a gingerbread house is a labor of love. Once you have your gingerbread baked and icing ready to go, it’s time to let your creativity fly by decorating your creation.

But where can you find the perfect candy to adorn your house?

Right here of course!

One of the most popular candies that are used for decorating gingerbread houses are Starlight Mints. These round, red and white peppermint candies are a favorite nostalgic candy that’s popular year round, but are perfect for adding a bit of flair to your creation.

Bells are a traditional symbol of the holidays and Brach’s Jelly Bells Gummy Candies are not only a yummy seasonal treat, they’re also perfect for use as a decoration on or around your gingerbread house.

Here’s a cool candy that you can use to decorate the edge of your gingerbread house roof – Gummy Licorice Candy Canes! Just pipe some icing along the edge and press these gummy sticks in place and voila!

No gingerbread house would be complete without a Christmas tree or two, right? So we can’t forget to mention these Gummy Christmas Trees that you can place around the perimeter of the house or out on the “lawn.”

Once you have all the flair added to your gingerbread house, don’t forget a few lawn decorations! We can’t think of anything better to put out front than these gummy characters from everyone’s favorite Christmas movie, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Gummy version of Rudolph, Santa and the Abominable Snowman will certainly be the ‘icing on the cake.”

Of course, there’s a lot more candy to choose from that you can use to give your house a unique, festive look. Check out the entire selection here and let your creativity run wild! Of course, we’re also stocked to the rafters with plenty of Christmas Candy that’s perfect for stocking stuffers, candy buffets, or baking.

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