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Gluten Free Candy Bars: Popular Classics and New Favorites

For candy lovers, being on a restricted diet doesn’t mean you have to give up a satisfying treat every now and then. We recently shared some of our favorite (and delicious) sugar-free candy and today we’re going to talk about gluten-free / gluten friendly sweets.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who need to abide by a gluten free diet, there are a variety of candy choices available including some favorites that you may be surprised to learn are gluten free!

First up, candy that is specifically designed for those on a vegan or gluten free diet. These sweets are clearly labeled so there’s no mistaking that these contain ingredients suitable for restricted diets.

Twilight Gluten-Free Vegan Candy Bar
This gluten-free candy bar reminds us of a Milky Way. It has a rich, chocolate nougat thats topped with a caramel and rice-milk chocolate coating. To make this bar even better, there’s no artificial ingredients and it contains no trans fats.

Cleo’s Gluten-Free Vegan Peanut Butter Cups
We’re a sucker for chocolate and peanut butter and when we tried Cleo’s Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cups, we were hooked! Creamy peanut butter is covered in a rice-milk chocolate coating to make these a delicious treat or for an afternoon snack.

For fans of Almond Joy, you’ll want to check out the Mahalo Gluten-Free candy bar while those who enjoy Butterfinger will certainly want to order some of our Thumbs Up bars!

If you’re craving chocolate but you just ate your last Cleo’s or Twilight bar, have no fear! Many well-known brands are gluten free even though they don’t mention it on the packaging, including:

Hershey’s Chocolate Bars
Yes, the king of chocolate is gluten free! Hershey’s Chocolate bars in milk chocolate, special dark, and milk chocolate with almonds are a true classic and you may have one in your cupboard or desk drawer right now.

Snickers Candy Bars
When the after-lunch-but-not-time-for-dinner hunger pains start, the craving for a Snickers bar kicks in. Chocolate, peanuts, caramel and nougat come together to create the perfect candy bar that is gluten free and holds you over until supper.

York Peppermint Pattie
We tend to enjoy a York Peppermint Pattie after dinner. Yes, we know a huge hot fudge sundae would be much better, but sometimes you just want a little something sweet to cap off a great meal. Peppermint Patties are gluten free as well and don’t contain nearly as many calories and fat as that sundae!

Of course, this is just a small sampling of what we have available. We’ve put together a whole section of gluten free candy including candy bars, gum, gummy candy and more, for you to browse and find an old favorite or try something new. If you need help choosing candy that meets specific dietary requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us, our candy experts are here to help as we’ve been for over 75 years.

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