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Flying Saucers or Satellite Wafers – Nostalgic Candy that’s out of this World!

Back in the 1950’s science fiction movies were all the rage with tales of aliens from other planets traveling to Earth in space ships to either wreak havoc or satisfy their own curiosity for seeking out other beings.

Curiously, we were enamored with these stories of unidentified flying objects and little green men from Mars. Even today, we’re still chasing the stars to see what else is out there!

Around the same time we were fascinated with UFO’s and what may lie in outer space, a candy was born that retains its popularity today – Flying Saucers, or more commonly known as Satellite Wafers.

Nostalgic candy fans rank these wafer treats high up on the “Must Try Classic Candy” scale. Born in the same decade as our favorite sci-fi flicks, Satellite Wafers were originally manufactured by a Belgium company famous for making, of all things, communion wafers.

When orders started to decline for communion wafers, they set their sights on using their expertise to make a candy wafer – behold the Flying Saucer!

These melt-in-your-mouth candies are filled with delicious candy beads that have an instantly recognizable taste that will transport you back to the days of visiting the corner candy store to buy a bag full of them.

Satellite Wafers are still a popular classic candy that’s a bit on the unique side. Besides the original version, they also come filled with a sour powder, instead of candy beads, for those who like their candy a little on the tart side.

While the debate rages on as to whether or not we’ve been visited by real flying saucers, there’s no doubt that the candy version has been a hit for nearly 75 years. Satellite Wafers continue to delight fans while gaining popularity among those trying them for the first time.

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