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Must Have Concession Stand Supplies

Is your concession stand ready to feed a ballpark full of hungry little league fans? While you’re picking out fan-favorite candy and food items, don’t forget the supplies – they’re just as important! After all, nobody wants to attempt to gobble down a hot-dog with only a napkin.

Here are just a few concession stand supplies that we recommend be on your “must-have” list:

Hot Dog Trays
Hot dogs will probably make up the bulk of the food you will be selling at your concession stand. With all the toppings that can go on a freshly steamed or grilled dog, they can get a little messy and paper plates just don’t cut it. Hot dog trays allow your fans to load that dog up to the max and easily carry it back to their seat.

Hot Dog Trays


French Fry Boats
Just like hot dogs need their own tray, so do fries. You’re going to want to give your fans a nice serving of french fries and trying to pile them on a paper plate is difficult. French fry boats are designed to keep fries in their place with room for dipping.

French Fry Boats

Nacho Trays
Nachos are a great money maker, require little work, and are quick to get out. Provide your fans with an easy way to enjoy this profitable snack by giving them a pile of chips in a carrier that has a spot for them to dip their chip into either nacho sauce or salsa.

Nacho Trays

If your concession stand is selling fountain soda, don’t forget the straws. For sanitary reasons we always recommend individually wrapped straws to minimize contact. Whether you’re a fan of the straight straw or the always kid-popular bendy straw, we’ve got you covered!


All food handlers should be wearing gloves at all times and should replace them frequently. For foodservice, powdered gloves should never be used, which is why we stock powder-free vinyl and nitrile disposable gloves. Both come in small, medium, and large sizes so be sure to order all three.

Food service gloves

Blair Candy has been supplying little leagues, sports groups, fire companies, churches, and other organizations with concession stand supplies for decades. Our experience in this area is unparalleled and we can assist you with making sure you have the right concession supplies but the most popular candy and snacks that will generate money for your group.

Be sure to contact us for more information, or learn more about our wholesale program, we’re here to help!

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