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Solid Milk Chocolate Rabbits and Crosses for Easter

When it comes to Easter Candy, we all have our favorites. Maybe you’re a fan of delicious and uniquely flavored jelly beans or chocolate covered eggs, while another member of your family prefers the classic Marshmallow PEEPS. No matter what treat satisfies your craving, there’s no shortage of favorites this time of year.

Each Easter we’re always excited to see what new confectionary delights will make their debut but at the same time we anxiously await the arrival of what has become the quintessential fan favorite – solid chocolate rabbits and crosses.

After all, we LOVE chocolate and there’s no better pick-me-up in the middle of the afternoon than a chocolate bar, but at Easter time chocolate reigns supreme.

While the exact origin of the solid chocolate rabbit is unknown, some speculate it was invented in Munich, Germany back in the 1890’s. Here in the United States, they gained in popularity in the 1920’s and have been filling Easter baskets ever since.

Today, rabbits are available in solid milk, dark or white chocolate as well as more creative varieties such as the Gardner’s Peanut Butter Meltaway Bunny that’s 8” inches tall and is filled with their famous delicious and creamy peanut butter.

In addition to bunnies, another top-seller is a chocolate that reflects the religious meaning of the holiday – the cross. Also made by Gardener’s these chocolate crosses are available in both milk and white varieties and make a beautiful and meaningful addition to a child’s basket.

No matter what type of Easter candy you’re hunting for, you can’t go wrong with choosing one of these chocolate treats. Since rabbits and crosses are only available once a year it’s important to order early as once they’re gone, they won’t be available again until next year.

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