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Our Top 5 Favorite Easter Egg Hunt Candy Recommendations

It’s almost time for the Easter Bunny to pay a visit leaving behind a basket full of treats for kids to enjoy. Along with filling up Easter baskets, one activity that many families find enjoyable is a good old-fashioned Easter Egg Hunt!

You may remember one from your childhood, where eggs were laid out on the lawn, hidden in plants and bushes waiting to be found. Once all were gathered up, the excitement began as eggs were opened and trinkets, coins, and of course… candy was found!

Whether this will be your first Easter Egg Hunt or your 21st, we have put together our “Top 5 Favorite Easter Egg Hunt Candy” list that we’re happy to share:

Reese’s Mini Peanut Butter Cups
Nobody can resist the delicious blend of chocolate and peanut butter, so of course, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups made our list. But these bite-sized cups in Easter colored wrapping are the perfect size for hiding inside those Easter eggs!

Hersheys Solid Milk Chocolate Eggs
You may remember these from your own childhood and yes, they’re still around! An Easter Egg Hunt would not be complete without these delicious solid milk chocolate “eggs” making an appearance.

Tootsie Frooties & Tootsie Rolls
For over a century, Tootsie Rolls have been a favorite of candy lovers around the globe.  The chewy candy with the cocoa taste is made with the same recipe since 1896 and along with the original flavor, Tootsie Rolls come in different flavors called Tootsie Frooties.  These individually wrapped chews are perfect for hiding in eggs whether you choose the original flavor or opt for Blue Raspberry, Cherry Limeade, Fruit Punch, Grape, Green Apple, or any of the Frooties flavors they’ll be a hit at your egg hunt.


Double Bubble Bubble Gum
When it comes to bubble gum, there’s one that stands out as a favorite – Double Bubble!  For your Easter Egg Hunt we have a HUGE plastic tub that’s filled with 300 individually wrapped pieces of Double Bubble – yes 300 pieces.  After the hunt, why not gather everyone up and have a contest to see who can blow the biggest bubble?

Jelly Belly Gourmet Jelly Beans
What would an Easter Egg Hunt be without jelly beans?  And the most famous (and popular) jelly bean is none other than Jelly Belly.  These sample packs are just the right size for an egg hunt and contain an assortment of the unique flavors Jelly Belly is famous for.


Whether you’re planning an egg hunt or just looking for some sweet treats to fill up baskets, be sure to check out our complete selection of Easter candy – we’re sure you’ll find all your favorites.

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