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Marshmallow PEEPs: The History of a Favorite Easter Candy

When it comes to Easter candy, there’s plenty to choose from.  From chocolate peanut butter eggs and solid milk chocolate rabbits to colorful jelly beans and the most iconic treat of all… Marshmallow PEEPs.

Love them or hate them, Marshmallow PEEPs are included in every Easter basket and their popularity – as well as flavors and shapes – increases every year.  In fact, PEEPs are the #1 selling non-chocolate Easter candy!

These puffy marshmallow chicks, around for over 65 years, were originally made by hand to give them their unique shape.  Over the years, manufacturing has evolved and new shapes such as rabbits, hearts, Christmas trees have been added, and additional flavors introduced, all while keeping with the same simple recipe.

For Easter, there are a few different varieties of PEEPs including some new ones:

Original Marshmallow PEEPs
The original chick-shaped PEEP is still the most popular.  Originally made in yellow, white, and pink, additional colors were added in the 1990’s.  Today, in addition to the original colors, they are available in pink, purple, blue, green and orange.

Marshmallow PEEPs Bunnies
Not one of the original PEEPs shapes, the bunny was introduced in the 1980’s and has been a favorite ever since!  These are also available in a rainbow of colors.

Flavored Marshmallow PEEPs
Starting in 1999, PEEPS began to introduce different flavors to their famous marshmallow treats and for Easter there are PEEPs chicks and bunnies available in Chocolate PuddingCotton Candy, Fruit Punch,  and more!

Marshmallow PEEPs Eggs
There are chicks and bunnies and now there are PEEPs Easter Eggs!  One of the newer shapes to be added to the PEEPs line, these eggs come brightly decorated and have already become a fan favorite.

When it comes time to selecting which treats to put in your Easter basket, there’s no doubt that PEEPs will be included.  After all, there’s really no other Easter Candy that’s more iconic than these fluffy marshmallow creations. Plus, most are low in calories and are gluten and fat-free.

Be sure to check out the complete selection of Marshmallow PEEPs as well as all our Easter candy.

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