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All Pink Starburst Now Available!

When it comes to candy, we all have our favorites.  From a classic nostalgic candy like Black Jack Gum or Candy Cigarettes to timeless favorites like the original Swedish Fish we all have that one treat that is our go-to.

The other day a debate raged in our candy warehouse about which flavor of a particular candy was everyone’s favorite.  Yes, someone started the great Starbust flavor debate! We’re pretty sure that from the day Starburst was introduced back in 1960 spirited discussions were had based on which one of the four flavors is best.

If you pick up a pack of Starburst Originals, you’ll find an assortment of lemon, orange, cherry, and strawberry soft fruit chews.  You may search for a cherry one first, or go straight to a juicy blast of tart lemon to begin your adventure.  

But which of the four is the most popular Starburst flavor?

If you happened to say Strawberry, you’re right!  The pink jewel wrapped in that sometimes hard to open wax paper wrapper is so popular that the flavor is now available all by itself!

No longer do you need to pick up a pack of Starburst Originals and take out all the pink ones and leave the rest for those who think cherry or lime is much better.  Starburst All Pink is just that, a package bursting with just one flavor – strawberry.

So if you’re looking for some all pink Starburst for yourself or someone else, be sure to pick up a box and get ready to be in candy heaven.

If you’re looking for some all red, you’ll just have to hang in there or pick up the ones left from your strawberry loving friends!

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