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Jim Beam Homemade Fudge – Made with Bourbon Whiskey

Calling all fudge lovers!  We have a real unique treat for you – Jim Beam Homemade Fudge.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Gardiners of Scotland have taken their famous fudge recipe, that’s been handed down for three generations, and created a delicious fudge made with Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey.

Gardiners makes all of their fudge in Scotland by hand in small batches using traditional methods that have made it one of the most sought after treats around the world.

Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey is carefully infused in the fudge to retain the unique flavor and vanilla and honey aroma of the whiskey that has been around for over 200 years.

The rich, delicious fudge is perfect as a snack, with an after-dinner coffee, or for enjoying along with a bit of Jim Beam, of course.

Each piece of fudge is individually wrapped and comes in a decorative tin that’s perfect as a gift for any fudge or whiskey lover.  Contains no hydrogenated oils or fats.

Looking for a more traditional type of fudge?  Have no fear!  We have a whopping 6-pound box of old fashioned homemade fudge that is fresh and delicious.

Our Favorite White Chocolate Treats

We’re dreaming of some white… chocolate! Yes, white chocolate. It’s one of those sweet treats you either love or hate. In our case, we share the love equally among white, dark, and milk chocolate because each offers a unique taste.

Our candy warehouse is packed full of all types of chocolate candy, but today we’re turning the spotlight on five favorite white chocolate treats that fans of this confectionary delight may or may not have had the opportunity to try.

Toblerone White Chocolate Bars
Always a favorite, Toblerone comes from Swiss chocolatiers who have artfully created a candy bar that looks as great as it tastes. This variety of the famous bar features a honey and almond nougat that’s covered in a rich and creamy white chocolate.

M & M’s White Chocolate
White chocolate fans rejoice! The snack that melts in your mouth, not in your hands is now available with a white chocolate center. They may look like milk chocolate M & M’s on the outside, but inside they’re full of that unique white chocolate taste you’re going to love.

M & M’s White Chocolate Peanut
Not to be outdone by the original, the peanut variety of M & M’s also comes in a white chocolate variety. If you haven’t tried these, let’s just say they may quickly become one of your favorites.

Kit Kat White Chocolate Bars
Move over original Kit Kats and make way for the white chocolate version of everyone’s favorite wafer. The Kit Kat bar has been around for nearly 85 years but it wasn’t until the late 1990’s that a white chocolate version became available.

Reese’s White Peanut Butter Cups
There’s no denying that peanut butter and chocolate go great together which is why we can never have enough Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups around to snack on. But, have you tried the white chocolate variety yet? If you haven’t you don’t know what you’re missing!

Those are our five favorite white chocolate candy picks. If you’re looking to try some of these, be sure to visit our online candy store and stock up on these as well as all your favorite treats including nostalgic candy that is sure to bring back memories.

Kinder Bueno Bar – Now Available for the First Time in the United States!

We get excited every time new items arrive in our candy warehouse, but this week our excitement level was kicked up a notch when a particular candy bar arrived.

This isn’t just any candy bar, we’re talking about the third most popular candy bar in Europe and the sixth most popular candy bar in the world… yes, the entire world!

The Italian company that brought us Nutella, Ferrero, has finally made their wildly popular Kinder Bueno Bar available for the first time in the United States and needless to say it’s now available from Blair Candy.

The Kinder Bueno Bar is no ordinary candy bar. It’s a candy bar that can only be described as a complex symphony of flavors and textures that is simply luscious. That’s quite a statement, but trust us on this one!

This insanely popular candy bar features a crispy wafer that’s filled with a decadent hazelnut filling (think Nutella), covered with smooth milk chocolate, and drizzled with rich dark chocolate.

Is your mouth watering yet? Yeah, we thought so!

Originally introduced in Italy in 1991, it took quite a while for the Kinder Bueno Bar to finally make its way to the States – and we can’t be any happier.

Be one of the first to get a taste of this candy bar that comes directly from the factory in Italy by ordering a box or two today. We’re pretty confident it’s going to become one of your top favorite sweet treats after just one bite.

All Pink Starburst Now Available!

When it comes to candy, we all have our favorites.  From a classic nostalgic candy like Black Jack Gum or Candy Cigarettes to timeless favorites like the original Swedish Fish we all have that one treat that is our go-to.

The other day a debate raged in our candy warehouse about which flavor of a particular candy was everyone’s favorite.  Yes, someone started the great Starbust flavor debate! We’re pretty sure that from the day Starburst was introduced back in 1960 spirited discussions were had based on which one of the four flavors is best.

If you pick up a pack of Starburst Originals, you’ll find an assortment of lemon, orange, cherry, and strawberry soft fruit chews.  You may search for a cherry one first, or go straight to a juicy blast of tart lemon to begin your adventure.  

But which of the four is the most popular Starburst flavor?

If you happened to say Strawberry, you’re right!  The pink jewel wrapped in that sometimes hard to open wax paper wrapper is so popular that the flavor is now available all by itself!

No longer do you need to pick up a pack of Starburst Originals and take out all the pink ones and leave the rest for those who think cherry or lime is much better.  Starburst All Pink is just that, a package bursting with just one flavor – strawberry.

So if you’re looking for some all pink Starburst for yourself or someone else, be sure to pick up a box and get ready to be in candy heaven.

If you’re looking for some all red, you’ll just have to hang in there or pick up the ones left from your strawberry loving friends!

New Candy Roundup – Gummies, Gum, Tootsies and More!

One of the perks of working at a huge candy warehouse is being able to sample all the new candy when it arrives.  It certainly is a “sweet” benefit!

Today we’re excited about a few new additions, one of which we’re sure is going to be a big seller so let’s start our new candy roundup with that one.

Pop Tart Bites
Can I have a big “woo hoo” for this one?  Everyone’s favorite on-the-go breakfast item is now available in bite-size treats packaged for maximum portability.  Now they’re the perfect size to enjoy as a snack anytime you’re craving that frosted strawberry goodness. Each box contains 20 1.4oz pouches.  

Pop Tarts Bites

Pop Tarts Bites



Candy Coated Tootsie Roll Chews
Just when you thought a Tootsie Roll couldn’t get any better, along comes this new treat.  The Tootsie flavor we all know and love is now available in a gumball size treat coated in a colorful candy shell.  A tasty twist on one of our favorite classic candies.  

Tootsie Roll Candy Coated Candy

Tootsie Roll Candy Coated Chews


AirHeads Bites Paradise Blend
Send your tastebuds on a trip to a tropical paradise by opening a package of the new AirHeads Bites Paradise Blend.  These bite-sized taffy-like chews feature four all-new tropical flavors including Cherry Pineapple Blast, Raspberry Lemonade, Citrus Rush, and Blue Hawaiian, along with a special White Mystery bar which you will have to figure out the flavor for yourself… no spoilers here!

AirHeads Paradise Blend Bites

AirHeads Paradise Blend Bites


Sugar-Free AirHeads Paradise Blend Gum
Now you can make the flavors of paradise last longer than just a bite with the new AirHeads Paradise Blend Gum that comes in a sweet and tart Raspberry Lemonade flavor with added micro-candies for bursts of flavor.  For those looking for a flavorful sugar-free chewing gum, this one is for you.  

Sugar-Free AirHeads Gum

Sugar-Free AirHeads Gum


Haribo Watermelon Soft & Sweet Chews
When it comes to chewy, gummy candy the name Haribo comes to mind.  The candy company that brought us gummy bears now brings us soft and sweet watermelon chews that look and taste like the real thing.  We do have to warn you… you can’t stop at just one of these, so order a few bags.

Haribo Watermelon Soft & Sweet Chews

Haribo Watermelon Soft & Sweet Chews


Slush Puppie Giant Gummy
Ok, so hands up if you can’t resist ordering a Slush Puppie every time you see them in a store.  Well, now you can have that cherry or blue raspberry treat anytime without the brain freeze with the new Giant Slush Puppie Gummy.  Each gummy is really giant – weighing in at over 2 ounces each. We know this is quickly going to be one of your new favorite candies so they come 12 per box!

Slush Puppie Giant Gummy

Slush Puppie Giant Gummy


That’s all for today’s new candy roundup, be sure to keep up to date with new and nostalgic candy as it arrives by checking our new candy page frequently.

Top 5 Candy Purchased on Cyber Monday

Like you, all of us at Blair Candy are busy buying gifts and getting ready for the holidays. Many of our team members here at our candy warehouse scooped up some great deals on Cyber Monday. But over lunch, someone asked, “what did we sell the most of?”

So we dug in and came up with a list of the Top 5 Biggest Selling Candy on Cyber Monday. (We filtered out Christmas Candy to come up with our list of traditional faves.)

#5 – Jumbo Rainbow Swirly Lollipops
Let’s admit it, we’re a sucker for these too! In fact, these are the first we think of whenever someone mentions the word lollipop. Colorful, big, and classic it’s no wonder these were one of our best selling items. We’re pretty sure there’s going to be plenty of smiles on kids’ faces when they find one of these in their stocking.

Rainbow Swirly Lollipop

Rainbow Swirly Lollipop

#4 – Junior Mints
Junior Mints are a favorite any time of the year but more so this time of year when their minty flavor evokes holiday memories. These creamy mints covered in delicious milk chocolate are the perfect candy to snack on while curling up next to the fire while watching some classic holiday movies.

Junior Mints

Junior Mints

#3 – Candy Cigarettes… or Candy Sticks
Whenever someone mentions nostalgic candy, this one always comes to mind. Think back to when you were a kid with a pocketful of change heading to the corner store – what did you buy? Penny candy and some Candy Cigarettes, of course! While these sugary treats can no longer be called Candy Cigarettes, fear not! Today’s Candy Sticks have the same flavor you remember as a youngster.

Candy Cigarettes

Candy Cigarettes

#2 – M & M’s Peanut
The candy that melts in your mouth, not in your hands made our list and it’s no surprise. A favorite of many, M & M’s are great for an afternoon snack, a lunchtime treat or anytime you want to get some of that great peanut and milk chocolate flavor you crave.

M & M Peanut

M & M Peanut

And here it is, the #1 selling candy on Cyber Monday was…

Candy Buttons
Another classic candy made our list and for good reason – everyone loves them! Candy Buttons have been around since the 1950’s and each year nearly a billion of these sweet treats are made. The lemon, lime, and cherry flavors of these candy dots have been a favorite for generations and it looks like they’ll be a favorite for many more.

Candy Buttons

Candy Buttons


There you have it!  Our list of the top-selling candy on Cyber Monday.  If you noticed that nostalgic candy made the list quite a bit, it’s no surprise.  We are the top destination for classic candy, so if you or someone you know is looking for hard-to-find nostalgic candy, just direct them to!

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