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Unique Candy Cane Flavors

Red and white peppermint candy canes are a hard Christmas candy tradition. Use them as stocking stuffers, tree decorations, or little treats for friends and family. These candy canes put a twist on the classic that is too fun to resist.

Mac & Cheese Candy Canes |

Mac & Cheese

Everyone has their go-to macaroni and cheese recipe that definitely deserves a prime spot on any holiday dinner table. Can the same be said about these Mac & Cheese candy canes from Archie McPhee? There is only one way to find out!

Pickle Flavor

Hear us out on this one… while dill pickles are amazing, bread and butter combine sweet and sour in a seamless way. Enjoy that in candy-cane form with these brilliant pickle-flavored candy canes! It could also be a great Christmas prank if you are a practical joker.


Everything is better with bacon. Period.


You don’t need to dip these in milk, but they would come in handy to stir your hot chocolate or other hot coffee beverage. We love the contrast of black and white and can’t want for you to give these Oreo Candy Canes a try!

Pixy Stix Filled

Fruity candy canes are filled with tasty and classic Pixy Stix powder. It is basically two treats in one!

Find these delicious or perhaps bizarre candy cane flavors at!

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