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Holiday Themed Movie Theater Candy

The movies are an experience that is not complete without the right snacks including popcorn, soda, and candy. In addition to taking these treats to the movies, this holiday-themed movie theater candy also makes wonderful stocking stuffers. Delight in the merry nature of these sweet treats!

Junior Mints Peppermint Crunch |

Junior Mints Peppermint Crunch

Junior Mints were introduced in 1949 by the James O. Welch company. They were named after the founder’s favorite play, Junior Miss. After polishing off a bucket of popcorn, something sweet and minty is just the ticket to keep you going until the end of the movie! The peppermint crunch version is perfect for the holidays. Each chocolate is coated in peppermint pieces, giving it a refreshing candy cane crunch.

Christmas Dots

If all the snowdrops were cherry, lime, and vanilla drops oh what a snow that would be! We love Dots and this Christmas version is flavorful and festive. The bright box is just the beginning because the gumdrops inside are so scrumptious!

WarHeads Chewy Cubes

Do you prefer a sour treat during a cinematic experience? WarHeads Chewy Cubes are mildly sour and wildly sweet. Each 4 oz. box is filled with red and green sour gummi cubes that definitely hit the spot.

Gobstopper Snowballs

This colorful jawbreaker enables you to enjoy layers of delicious flavors! It starts out as cherry, followed by watermelon, then fruit punch and the fun continues. Each box contains about 80 Gobstopper Snowballs so this is perfect for sharing.

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