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Find Halloween Novelty Candy for your Party

When throwing a Halloween party, there are several elements you can’t leave out: decorations, music, and of course candy! While classic chocolate bars and gummy treats are great, it never hurts to make use of some novelty options to set your party apart.

Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape Monsters |

Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape Monsters – Enjoy the classic Hubba Bubba bubblegum from these decked out dispensers! The addition of these fun and spooky characters makes these fantastic for goodie bags, trick-or-treaters, or any occasion during the Halloween season. There are 12 bubble tape dispensers per box and The Wrigley Company made this Halloween Novelty Candy right in the USA. You can’t go wrong!

Bloody Fang Bites – Each pack comes with a set of plastic vampire fangs along with red liquid candy. Just fill up the fangs, pop them in your mouth, and wait for the candy to come oozing out! It might freak people out, but that is what makes it a Halloween hit! Each bag comes with a count of 8, so make sure you have enough for all the guys and ghouls.

Candy Filled Tombstones – These tombstones act as a spooky container for bright and delicious candy! Display them at a classroom party, Halloween candy buffet, or hand them out on Halloween night to expectant trick-or-treaters. Each order comes with 36 tombstones filled with candy. They are to die for!

We hope this offers you some inspiration for your Halloween festivities. Find these novelties and more at!

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