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Enjoy Halloween Popcorn Balls!

Hot apple cider, pumpkins, red and orange leaves, Halloween, Thanksgiving… all of these bring forth thoughts of the fall! The first official day of autumn takes placee on September 23, 2019, and this comforting season will run until Saturday, December 21st.

Popcorn Balls |

Fall favorites are not limited to the few items listed above. The season would not be complete without deliciously sweet and savory popcorn balls! Watch the faces of your little ones light up when they are presented with this undeniably tasty autumnal snack.

We carry the best Halloween popcorn balls from Kathy Kaye. These popcorn balls are 100% mad in the USA at Kathy Kaye Farms, Utah.  Each batch is made using fresh popcorn that is brought together with some sugar and corn syrup. There are 24 individually wrapped popcorn balls. At 110 calories each, you don’t have to feel guilty about this little indulgence.

While we can’t be precisely positive about the origin of the popcorn ball, there is a Nebraska legend that claims popcorn balls are a result of the Nebraska weather. The legend states that there was a mile of scorching sun shining on the corn crops that popped the corn and a mile of rain that washed all the syrup out of the sugar cane. Everything came together and the popcorn ball was born!

Regardless of what you believe, the scrumptious nature of popcorn balls cannot be denied. Stock up at!

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