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Discover Halloween Suckers to Make you Smile

Candy on a stick, lollipops, suckers… all of these are terms that apply to this easy-to-enjoy candy. Check out some of the Halloween suckers we have available!

Charms Orange Pumpkin Pops |

Charms Orange Pumpkin Pops – The appearance alone of these Pumpkin Pops is enough to get you in the Halloween spirit! Each lollipop features a spooky orange pumpkin with a white Jack-o-Lantern smiling back at you before you enjoy the bright orange flavor. Each bag comes with 20 individually wrapped lollipops.

Halloween Rock Candy Sticks – Rock candy on a stick is an old school sweet that stands the test of time. ESPEEZ presents this classic in festive Halloween form with black and orange rock candy in this bucket. Each order comes with 35 wrapped rock candy sticks per jar. They go fast, so make sure you have enough to share!

Charms Zombie Pops – Would you survive the zombie apocalypse? Good thing you don’t have to worry about that just yet! Instead, you can just enjoy these sour apple Zombie pops. Each bag is filled with 15 individually wrapped lollipops. The vibrant green color is perfect for Halloween PLUS the white faces turn red once you put them in your mouth. These are made in the USA!

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