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Find Your Favorite Bulk Halloween Candy

If you are counting down to Halloween like we are, then you can’t wait to start stocking up on candy! The trick is to get enough to bring any parties or gatherings and to hand out on Halloween night. Plus, you want to stash away some of your favorites to enjoy after Halloween comes to an end. We carry a variety of bulk Halloween candy so you do not need to be afraid of running out! 

Nestle Halloween Mix |

Nestle Halloween Mix

This mix gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to chocolate options and fruity options! Look inside the mouth of the Bride of Frankenstein to see the mixture of Gobstoppers, Nerds, Butterfinger Bars, and Nestle Crunch.

Brach’s Sweet & Sour Kiddie Assortment

If you just want a mixture of yummy sweet and sour candies, this bag is filled with all your favorites! Enjoy a seemingly endless adventure with Gobstoppers, Sweetarts, Nerds, Now & Later, Gummi Worms, Super Bubble Gum, WarHeads and Lemonheads!

Halloween Mummy Munchies

These Mummy Munchies feature foil wrapped chocolates in a variety of flavors! Enjoy Palmer Fudge Filled Boos, Double Crisp® Skulls, Chocolaty Plumpkin Pals, Double Crisp® Googly Eyes and Peanut Butter Cups.

Mars Snack Size Favorites Vampire Bag

You can’t go wrong with these favorites. Delight in handing out bite-size Twix bars, Halloween Snickers, Milky Ways, 3 Musketeers, and M&M’s on Halloween night!

If you are not already drooling, just pop over to to check out our Halloween section. We have a ton of variety that all the ghosts and ghouls will adore!

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