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Discover a Variety of Halloween Gummy Candy

When you want to make Halloween yummy then go with Halloween gummy!  Halloween gummy candy is an important part of achieving complete candy balance during the Halloween season. There is a place for chocolatey treats, fruity treats, and of course gummy treats. Take a look at all of the amazing gummies available and choose your favorites!

Sour Patch Zombie Halloween Gummy Candy |

Sour Patch Kids Zombies

The orange and purple of this bag of Sour Patch Zombies is perfect for the Halloween season! The gummies themselves are grape and orange-flavored and they of course sport that sour then sweet flavor we know and love with sour patch kids. Each big bag is filled with 80 treat size bags making them easy to hand out.

Trolli Sour Brite Crawler Candy Corn

If you love the flavor of sour gummy worms, then you will not be able to resist giving this sour candy corn from Trolli a try! Each 9 oz. bag is filled with spooktacular sour gummy candy corn.

Gummy Body Parts

If you like to make people squirm a little bit on Halloween, consider handing out these gummy body parts! Each bag is filled with individually wrapped gummy fingers, brains, ears, and eyes. These are fun to eat and even more fun to freak people out with!

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