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Wow Everyone for Watermelon Day on August 3rd!

National Watermelon Day falls on a Saturday and that is reason enough to celebrate! Of course, the guest of honor should be that juicy and tasty watermelon fruit we love to eat in the summertime. There are lots of other ways to showcase watermelon too! Watermelon feta salad with mint, watermelon sorbet, and watermelon mojitos all are delicious and unique ways to enjoy watermelon.

We also have some worthwhile candies to pay homage to watermelon on this special day!

Charms What-A-Melon Blow Pops |

What-A-Melon Blow Pops

Charms™ is at it again with another dazzling Blow Pop flavor! You will find yourself exclaiming, “What a melon!” when you get a hold of one of these yummy lollipops. Of course, half the fun is making it to the bubblegum in the center so you have a second treat to chew on and blow bubbles with.

Sour Watermelon Slices

Move over Sour Patch Kids! Sour Watermelon Slices are here to stay. If you have never heard of this sour-sweet treat, now is your chance to join the movement. Each bulk bag holds 5 lbs. of cheek-puckering, mouth-watering, sour watermelon gummies to satisfy your craving.

Nerds What-A-Melon & Cherry

Mix it up with summer’s most popular flavors: Watermelon and cherry! Available together in each box of Nerds, these are great to have at a party or gathering for all your guests to enjoy. 

Explore to find even more watermelon-themed novelty candy to help you celebrate!

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