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Wildlife Themed Candy Makes Great Party Favors

Pink Flamingo Pool Party Tin of Mints |

Go wild this summer with a crowd-pleasing theme! Whether you are planning a birthday party for your little one, or a pool party for all ages, we have a variety of novelty candy to set your party apart. Animal lovers especially will delight in the wildlife theme these treats lend to your celebration. Plus they make excellent party favors for guests to enjoy on the ride home!

Narwhal Wild Berry Sours

The narwhal is the unicorn of the sea. Did you know? The long tusk the narwhal is so well known for is actually a tooth! You and your guests can satisfy your sweet tooth with the wild berry sour candies that fill these adorable tins.

Sloth Spirit Animal Candies

No one wants a sleepy party, but everyone deserves a good rest after celebrating! Embrace your inner sloth with these sour strawberry candies. Everyone will love them!

Flamingo Pool Party Mints

Perfect for a pool party or a gender reveal party to announce a baby girl, these Flamingo Pool Party Mints are filled with flip-flop shaped treats. Enjoy them by the pool and relax with your friends!  Regardless of the theme of your party, your guests are sure to have a wild time. Find these cute treats and more at!

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