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What are Cow Tales Candy?

Chocolate Cow Tales |

Goetze’s Candy Company, Inc. is known for their signature caramel candy. One of their creations that will definitely tug at the heartstrings of nostalgia is their classic Cow Tales. If you have never had a Cow Tale, boy (or girl) are you missing out!

The name does not come from the ingredients of the treat – that might not be appetizing especially for candy – but instead is inspired by the shape. These long treats are a thin cylinder of soft caramel with a cream center. The original flavor is classic vanilla, but they have experimented with a variety of flavors over the years including peanut butter, banana, and caramel apple.

The current lineup available at includes:

  • Cow Tales Vanilla
  • Cow Tales Chocolate
  • Cow Tales Strawberry

You can also get Mini Cow Tales Candy in bulk! This 8-pound box features approximately 317 wrapped mini Cow Tales each one as scrumptious as the full-size version. This makes them a great handout item during a parade, party, or Halloween!

Keep Cow Tales in stock at your candy counter and experience the delight as customers come across this old favorite. You will not be disappointed!

Find more unique and nostalgic treats at!

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