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Walk Down Memory Lane while Chewing Old Fashioned Gum

Not all chewing gum is created equal and not all chewing gum. Sometimes you want to blow bubbles, sometimes you want to freshen your breath, and sometimes you just want to stay awake. The old fashioned gum we supply harkens back to simpler times and allows you to relive some of your favorite memories as a child or teenager.

Razzles Gum |

Original Bazooka Bubble Gum

This throwback comes in the same style and packaging as the original plus that beloved Bazooka flavor! Each box comes with 12 packs featuring 6 pieces of gum per pack.

Big Red

Wrigley’s Big Red chewing gum has that cinnamon spice that makes everything nice! The twin box pack has 40 packages of gum with 5 sticks per package.

Fruit Stripe Gum

Everyone recognizes that well-known, colorfully striped zebra on the fruit stripes packages! The bright flavors in this pack of gum go perfectly with the bright colors. Each pack has 17 sticks in a variety of 5 juicy flavors. There are 12 packs of gum per box!


First, it’s a candy… then it’s a gum! Get the best of both worlds with Razzles! Available in original and sour, this starts out as a sweet candy and then magically becomes a fun gum you can chew on.

When you are in the market for your favorite nostalgic gum, just head on over to and see what we have in store for you!

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