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Score Big with Sports Candy

Every season highlights a specific sport whether it is baseball in the spring or football in the fall. We just so happen to love candy year-round so it is easy to find a way to fit that in no matter what sport is taking place. Check out some of the sports candy currently in stock at!

Touch Down Football Helmet Jawbreaker Candy |

Football Helmet Jawbreaker Candy

Touch Down football candy is sure to be a hit when the season rolls around – which is sooner than you think! Each box comes with an assortment of miniature football helmets housing an oversized jawbreaker. In a variety of colors and flavors, there is something for every football fan to enjoy. Find out if they can last for an entire game or at least through halftime!

Smash Tennis Ball Bubble Gum

Vidal presents these tennis-themed gum balls in the cutest way. Each tube features 4 bubble gum balls and perfectly resembles a tube of actual tennis balls! Each box features 12 tubes, so this is great for a concession stand or for a tennis-themed party. Plus, the gum itself is delicious and fun to chew while watching your favorite sporting event!

PEZ Sports Assortment

PEZ always come through by creating festive and adorable designs for any theme. This rings true for their assortment of dispensers that feature your favorite sports balls including soccer, baseball, basketball, and football. Enjoy the tasty candy that features two refills per dispenser!

Take the time to find more yummy sports-themed candy at!

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