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Impress with PEZ Candy Dispensers

Disney Princess PEZ Dispensers |

When you can combine candy with a toy, then that is a good time guaranteed. While PEZ candies were invented in 1927, the fun dispensers did not emerge until the 1950s. Now PEZ runs the gambit of fun and friendly keepsakes that kids and adults love. This novelty candy acts as excellent party favors and we have a variety to fit any theme!

PEZ Pokémon
When it comes to Pokémon, we know you gotta catch ‘em all. When it comes to PEZ you gotta eat them all! Enjoy delicious PEZ treats from your favorite Pokémon friends. These feature Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander. They are the very best!

PEZ Disney Princess
The gang’s all here! All your favorite Disney princesses are represented in PEZ form. Each assortment comes with 12 dispensers per box. The princesses will vary so be sure to stock up so you can make sure you have them all.

PEZ Aladdin
You ain’t never had a PEZ like these! Princess Jasmine, Aladdin, and Genie are all represented. Enjoy these while you watch the new live action movie or the original!

This is just a sampling of the special PEZ dispensers we have available. Explore more at!

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