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Go Crazy for Salt Water Taffy in Bulk

Taffy Town Assorted Saltwater Taffy |

Salt Water Taffy originated in Atlantic City in the late 19th century. Since then it has become a favorite treat of countless people!

Even if you can’t venture to the New Jersey boardwalk where this treat originated, you can still enjoy salt water taffy at its finest this summer. Get a pack to keep in your desk at work when you need a pick-me-up. Buy some to share with friends on a road trip. Set them out at a party for guests to snack on in between the activities. The possibilities are endless! We have all the salt water taffy in bulk that you need to make it through the summer.

Taffy Town

Enjoy a 5 lb. bag of assorted taffy from Taffy Town! This comes with 325 wrapped pieces of candy that can be thrown out at a parade or hoarded to enjoy when the craving strikes.

Orthodox Chews

This “chewish” tradition among Salt Water taffy lovers is a delicious and gourmet treat that also happens to be certified kosher. The assorted flavors in this bag include chocolate, watermelon, and caramel. Each 1 lb. bag carries 60 pieces to enjoy with friends and family!

Laffy Taffy

These might not be the traditional Salt Water Taffy, but these kid-friendly treats come in a variety of flavors that are great to have in the pantry or at every concession stand. Head to to find your favorite Salt Water Taffy to keep on hand.

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