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Go Beyond Gummy Bears with Haribo

Haribo Frogs Gummies |

If anyone does gummy candy justice, it is the wonderfully talented and creative people at Haribo. Known for their Gold Bears, Haribo creates a classic that always brings smiles to the faces of kids and adults alike.

While Gold-Bears might be the most traditional, Haribo presents an entire line of tasty gummies that push the boundaries of creativity.

Haribo Frogs

Hop along throughout your day with these green gummies in your bag! Shaped like cute frogs, these chewy treats are sure to keep you going.

Haribo Gummy Dinosaurs

If you prefer a prehistoric spin on your candy choices, the gummy dinosaurs are the way to go. Put these out at a dino-themed party and watch the kids go wild! They can also be used in the classroom to teach kids the names of different dinosaurs.

Haribo Ginger-Lemon Candy

Spicy ginger and refreshing lemon join forces in this bright and chewy treat! Enjoy a few after lunch to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Haribo Fizzy Cola

These fizzy cola gummies are sour, sweet, and tangy! Each 5 oz. bag is filled with 27 gummy cola bottles. Is that enough to share? Order extra just in case!

Find more Haribo gummies at to enjoy this summer!

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