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Fun Treats that use Gummi Sharks

Gummies in worm form can take a break for a bit because gummi sharks are adorable, delicious, and excellent all summer long! The summer months might be winding down, but there is still time for beach visits, pool parties, and relaxing days before school begins.

The gummi sharks we have available in bulk at Blair Candy come in blue or assorted colors. They are great additions to the following treats to make them extra festive!

Gummi Sharks |

Gummi Shark Cupcakes

Use your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe or a box mix to whip up a batch of fresh chocolate cupcakes. Use blue food coloring to create blue vanilla frosting to spread over the top. Decorate the top with the assorted colors of sharks and enjoy the spectacle of beautiful treats! These are great for an end of summer pool party or a birthday bash.

Gummi Shark Popsicles

Having Popsicle molds on hand makes this frozen treat an absolute breeze. All you need is your favorite sports drink – we recommend blue or clear, but you can use whatever color you like – gummi sharks, and a freezer of course. You can also use lemonade or soda. Pour the liquid into the mold, pop in a gummi shark, add the stick and freeze overnight!

Gummi Shark Bait

This sweet and salty combination is a crowd favorite. Melt white chocolate with a little shortening, add vanilla cake mix and sprinkles, then coat fresh popcorn with the mixture and let it set for a few minutes in the fridge!

All of these are a snap to make and they are the shark attack you need to satisfy any snack attack! Find shark gummies and more at!

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