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Throw a Night at the Movies Party – Complete with Movie Theater Candy!

Are you looking for fun ideas for a birthday party of sleepover – try a night at the movies! You don’t have to go out and pay a ridiculous price for popcorn and drinks. Here are some tips for throwing your own night at the movies party.

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Movies – Check on your favorite streaming services for a movie that you know everyone will enjoy. You can also try on-demand services to see if you can find a newer film. Try to line up more than one movie so you can either marathon them, or have choices in case someone doesn’t want to watch a certain film.

Fake Tickets – Create pretend movie tickets for your guests by printing off the images and cutting them out. It’s a great way to make guests feel like they are actually at the movies. You can also buy a roll of raffle tickets from a party supply store to use as your tickets.

Popcorn – All good theaters have popcorn, so be sure to stock up before the party. You can find fun popcorn bowls at a party supply store to give your guests the feeling of being at a real party.

Movie Theater Candy – Movie theater candy is expensive, but not when you get theater-sized treats from Blair Candy for your movie night party. We have all of the classics like Good & Plenty, Swedish Fish, JuJubes, Junior Mints, M&M’s, and much more. Visit to shop our full selection today!

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