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Gummy Candy that Looks Like Your Favorite Foods!

When you’re looking for a candy treat that is fun to eat, why not try some gummy foods? Blair Candy has a wide variety of different foods in gummy form. Here are some of our favorites:

giant gummy burger |

Gummy Burger – Who doesn’t love a good burger? Gummy mini burgers look just like your favorite dinner food, but they’re made of gummy candy! We also offer gummy Crabby Patties for our Sponge Bob fans. Feeling brave? Try our Giant Gummy Burger – the largest one on the market.

Gummy Pizza – If the idea of gummy pizza appeals to you, we’ve got you covered. We have three different types, including eFrutti Pizza Slices and Gummi Pizzas, and Vidal Gummi Pizza Slices. For the super-sized candy fan, we also have a one-pound gummy pizza for you to try. That’s right, one whole pound of gummy deliciousness.

Gummy Sushi – Sushi can be an intimidating meal to try, but it’s always tasty in gummy form! Our gummy sushi packs are adorable and fun to eat. Try eating your gummies with chopsticks for added fun.

Sour Fruity Fries – These delicious sour fruity fries from eFrutti are coated with a dusting of sour sugar. You’ll love these colorful candy French fries!

Giant Gummy Peppers – Are you an adventurous eater? You’ll love our giant gummy peppers. Made with real pepper juice, our gummy jalapeno, ghost pepper, and habanero are spicy and sweet for an interesting taste sensation.

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