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Do You Like Airheads? You’ll LOVE Airheads Gummies

Airheads candy has been a favorite since 1986, and it continues to be a beloved and nostalgic treat for children and adults alike. Everyone knows the classic chewy treats, but now they’re offering something different. If you love the original Airheads, you will love their new gummies.

Airheads Gummies |

Six Flavors

Not wanting to mess with a good thing, Airheads Gummies come in all of the flavors you know and love: cherry, watermelon, blue raspberry, orange, green apple, and strawberry. These gummies are just as delicious as you would expect from this famous candy company.

Assorted Shapes

These gummies are a lot of fun, featuring five assorted shapes. You can enjoy gummy mustaches, bowties, sunglasses, and the familiar balloon faces that grace the package. Kids and adults alike will love hunting through the bag to find all of the different shape and flavor combinations. Even better – use the gummy accessories to decorate the balloon faces! Candy is more fun when you can turn it into a game. is your source for delicious bulk candy at affordable prices, including the new Airheads Gummies and much more. Shop today and order your summer candy now – and pick up some classic Airheads, too while you’re at it.

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