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What are Sixlets?

If you are a lover of classic candy, or just candy in general, then you have to become acquainted with Sixlets. This candy appeared on the market in the 1960s. While there are many theories, there is not a clear answer regarding the origin of the name. That said, these sweets are simple yet satisfying.

Original Sixlets Chocolate Candies in Small Packages |

So what exactly are Sixlets? Original Sixlets candies consist of a colorful sugar coating that surrounds a milk chocolate filling. The colors include red, brown, orange, green, and yellow. You will know it is a true Sixlet because of the classic spherical shape and the Sixlets mascot! This glasses- wearing caterpillar is a friendly reminder that Sixlets are fun and amazing!

In addition to individually wrapped packages, we also have Sixlets in bulk in assorted and solid colors. Use Sixlets as wedding favors by choosing your wedding colors and placing them in individual sachets. Your guests will thank you for the sweet snack!

They are also an excellent addition to a candy buffet. Kick it up a notch with clear glass jars filled to the brim with brightly colored Sixlets. Adding Sixlets along with gummy bears and red hots sounds like a good time to us.

The final step in truly knowing what Sixlets are is by experiencing them firsthand. Check out all the retro candy options at!

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