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Vegan Candy Bars That Actually Taste Good

Adopting a completely vegan diet means avoiding more than just steak and chicken. All animal products including eggs and milk are off limits as well. Staying true to this change means reading the ingredient labels very closely, even on food items you might not expect – did you know most marshmallows are not vegan or vegetarian? That said, going vegan does not mean you should feel limited on the foods you enjoy.

Thumbs Up Brand Vegan Candy Bar |

Thankfully, the options for vegans these days are much richer than even a few years ago. We are happy to carry several completely vegan candy bars to satisfy your sweet tooth while staying true to your dietary needs.

Thumbs Up Vegan Candy Bars have a crispy, peanut buttery inside reminiscent of a more well-known Butterfinger. The outside it coated in “milk” chocolate although there is no actual milk involved. See for yourself why these got a 5-star review!

Cleo’s Peanut Butter Cups are not only vegan but they are also gluten free and void of trans fats as well as other artificial additives. Enjoy creamy peanut butter and rich chocolate made with rice-milk that is oh so satisfying!

Enjoy almonds, coconut, and chocolate while remaining vegan with Mahalo vegan candy bars. It’s like an almond joy without anything extra.

It’s good to know that you still have access to something that is yummy and convenient while eating an all vegan diet. Explore for more vegan candy bars and sweets!

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