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Go Big or Go Home with Sports Candy that Wins Every Time

Whether watching exceptional athletes at the peak of their performance or encouraging your little one at their first little league game, sports are entertaining. We love sports but what we love even more is chowing down on our favorite sports candy while someone else does all the athletic work.

Sports Pez Candy Dispensers with a Soccer Ball, Baseball, Basketball, and Football |

Soccer, baseball, basketball, and football – all are represented in chocolate form in their respective shapes and wrapped in shiny foil that showcases their signature looks. These are great to have on hand at a watch party or for a team celebration.

Speaking of football, score with Touch Down football candy in the shape of miniature football helmets that house an oversized jaw breaker. No need to tackle anyone, there are enough to share!

If gum is more your speed we, of course, carry Big League Chew to satisfy the baseball fans as well as Basketball Gumballs from Vidal. Quench Gum is another great option.

If you can’t choose a favorite sport, these Pez dispensers allow you to show off all four of the major sports we love. Each dispenser comes with two Pez refills, so hopefully that is enough to last the entire game.

Regardless of what sport you favor, we have the sports candy that delivers on flavor. Explore to find delicious sports-themed options!

Your Favorite Candy is Sugar Free and Delicious

Besides love, the main ingredient in most candy is sugar. While we are self-proclaimed sugar fiends, we also understand the importance of balance and moderation. Thankfully, we keep a decent stock of sugar free candy at the ready so no one needs to sacrifice their sweet tooth even if they are trying to minimize their sugar intake.

Package of Sugar Free Jolly Rancher Hard Candy |

The assortment of flavors in this package of sugar free Jolly Ranchers includes all your favorites: watermelon, grape, raspberry, and of course apple! Add them to your candy bowl so kids and adults alike can enjoy a sweet treat without going overboard on the sugar.

Star Brites peppermint candy from Brach’s are made with real peppermint oil. Sweetened with Splenda, not only are these beauties sugar free, but they also deliver all of that flavor with only half the calories of a regular peppermint hard candy. Keep a few in your purse or backpack for a boost of freshness throughout the day.

Of course, you don’t want to forget about chocolate. We happily carry packages featuring individual squares of Hershey’s chocolate, Special Dark chocolate, and mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Since they are all sugar free you can feel free to treat yourself to one of each!

These represent just a small sampling of the sugar free candy options available. Find more of your favorites at!

Where to Find Wedding Candy in Bulk that Matches Your Colors

The answer to where to find wedding candy in bulk that matches your colors is easy: of course!

Mini Chocolate Balls in Silver |

When it comes to celebrating your wedding, the options are endless. Even if you have a tight budget, the resources available for fun and memorable weddings are widely available. Whether you want a giant party filled with as many people as you can fit or a smaller, more intimate affair, it all comes down to making decisions on the details that work best for you and your intended.

Since love is probably the sweetest thing there is, bringing candy into the mix on your big day just makes sense. Small sachets filled with candy featuring your wedding colors make cute favors for guests to snack on at the end of the night. Boost the candy theme even further with a candy buffet overflowing with treats that your guests can put together in a cute bag to take home. Another great spin on this worthwhile trend is a cupcake bar with a display of candy. Transform a simple chocolate or vanilla cupcake into a work of art that can be devoured!  

Remember, your wedding is meant to be a fun celebration that you enjoy and remember fondly. Don’t allow yourself to stress because candy should be care-free.

Discover all of the excellent candy options including wedding candy in bulk available at!

Why do Baseball Players need Big League Chew Bubble Gum?

Baseball season is finally in full swing, pun intended! While avid baseball fans can benefit from chewing gum to alleviate stress during a game – as opposed to biting their nails or holding their breath – the actual players need bubble gum for a different reason.

Bucket of Big League Chew Bubble Gum |

Historically, ball players would use chewing tobacco to stimulate the production of saliva. We know it might sound a little gross, but saliva is actually necessary to keep their gloves moist. This can be a little tricky because baseball fields are traditionally dusty.  Now that we know chewing tobacco is not good for us, there are alternatives that work just as well. When it comes to the right baseball candy to do the job, Big League Chew bubble gum is the way to go.

Right now we are carrying Big League Chew gum in 12-count packs in a variety of flavors that include cotton candy, grape, watermelon, and sour apple. We also have the Team Rally Bucket that holds 80 pieces, perfect to hold the team over for a little while! Bubble gum is great because the Big League Chew gum balls are long-lasting. Another alternative that works wonders are delicious sunflower seeds which we also carry.

Head over to and load up on all the baseball candy the team needs to go all the way this season!

Come Together for your Country with Patriotic Candy

Memorial Day is approaching on May 27th followed by the 4th of July. We love our country and we love candy so it only makes sense to bring the two together! All of our patriotic candy features a USA theme that showcases the pride you feel inside. In addition to these holidays, showing off your love for your country can take place at any time!

Tootsie Roll Midgees wrapped in Red, White, and Blue |

The brilliant red, white, and blue comes together through stars and stripes that stand out on these patriotic flag wrapped Tootsie Rolls. Inside are the classic chewy and chocolatey candies we all know and love. These are perfect to give out at a patriotic parade!

The USA flag wrapped mints feature yummy Buttermint Creams. These are a great addition for favor bags, candy buffets, and table confetti. Speaking of a candy buffet table, we have mini chocolate Sixlets in solid colors – red, white, and blue of course!

Color Splash lollipops come in cherry and blue raspberry featuring a red and white or blue and white swirl, respectively. These are as flavorful as they are beautiful!

All of this patriotic candy looks beautiful on display and adults and kids alike will not be able to resist. Find more great options at!

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