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Make Movie Night Worthwhile with Movie Theater Candy Favorites!

With all the streaming services and on-demand options these days, it is easy to enjoy the latest movies from the coziness and comfort of your own couch. The right snacks are a MUST and that means including yummy movie theater candy!

Movie Theater Candy including Cookie Dough Bites, Raisinets, and JuJyfruits |

Blair Candy has all of your favorites and they come in the classic box you would get at the movie theater. This keeps the night delicious and authentic!

Who doesn’t love scrumptious, bite-size Cookie Dough Bites? Chocolate chip cookie dough bites covered in creamy milk chocolate are amazing. The box says to try them frozen, so what better way than by keeping them in the freezer at home and snagging them when you are ready!

Anyone who is a fan of Seinfeld will remember the JuJyfruits that Elaine just had to have before going to see her boyfriend in the hospital. We have to say that we completely relate. Hopefully your movie night won’t result in any emergencies other than maybe running out or JuJyfruits. One way this can be avoided is buying extra!

Another movie theater candy classic that is arguably more on the healthy side comes in the form of Raisinets. Chewy and chocolatey, Raisinets are also rich in fruit antioxidants and are 30% less fat than other leading chocolate brands.

Discover more movie theater candy that will make your movie night worthwhile by visiting!

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