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Go for the Parade, Stay for the Candy

Parades can take place year round for a number of reasons, but there is something about a parade in the warm months that just stands out. Whether it is sports related, school related, or due to a holiday like the 4th of July, a parade is a spectacular showcase of talent that brings people together.

Collage of Parade Candy including Ice Cream Chews, Frooties, and Strawberry Chews

Adults and children alike gather to take in the sights. Remarkable floats and outrageous costumes create quite the spectacle along with the sounds of the marching band as it goes by. Whether you are in the parade or a part of the crowd, there is one component that makes it extra special: Candy!

Throwing parade candy is a part of the tradition that cannot be overlooked. The trick to parade candy is making sure you have the right types of sweets for optimum throwing and catching. We carry a hefty variety of wrapped candy that is perfect for parades.

Ice Cream Chews come in vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate and are superb for the spring and summer. Blue Rasperry is just one of several Frooties flavors that would make a great addition for a parade. You can also get all strawberry flavored Chews as well as wild cherry, peach, and more!

Stock up on the most scrumptious parade candy by visiting!

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