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Relive Your Childhood with Nostalgic Candy

This spring we have seen an exciting release of new candy flavors from some of our favorite brands. M&M’s unveiled three new and exotic peanut flavors including Mexican Jalapeno and Thai Coconut. Reese’s came out with the thin version as well as two options that allow peanut butter lovers or chocolate lovers to have more of their favorite as the dominant flavor of each Reese’s cup. Peeps even got in on the action with new flavors like cotton candy as well as pancakes and syrup.

Classic Candy Buttons |

Our mouth is watering just reliving all the excitement; however, our main purpose here is not only to applaud the innovation but also to remember that there is no replacement for the classics.

Nostalgic candy such as Candy Buttons or Big Hunk will always have a special place in our heart, as will Cow Tails and Hot Tamales. We know that any flavor that made an impression during the formative years of childhood continues to stand out to those who enjoyed them. For this reason, we happily continue to carry as much nostalgic candy as we can to keep the flavors and the memories alive. 

Browse to find all your favorite candy classics and take trip down memory lane!

Our Favorite Sour Gummy Candy

The combination of sweet and sour results in some fantastic candy options that we are so excited to share with you! Sour gummy candy also features that beloved chewy texture that we find irresistible.

Sour Prosecco Flavored Gummy Bears |

eFrutti offers a fun twist on a  gummy with their Sour Gecko treats. Measuring at 7 inches long, these gluten-free and fat-free gummies pack a sour punch and are fun to eat with friends.

If worms and geckos don’t entice the appetite even in gummy form, you can get your sour apple fix with Sour Green Apples from Vidal. Share a pack with a buddy or enjoy each bite all to yourself.

Warheads are better known as that hard and sour candy you and your friends have competitions with to see who can withstand the intense sour flavor the longest. Warheads Hothead Worms come with the same overwhelming flavor you know and love. Sour, sweet, and then the heat is how these roll! 

Gummy Bears get a makeover when infused with a sour prosecco flavor. These yummy gummy bears are perfect for weddings or bridal showers!

This is just a sampling of some of our favorite sour gummy candy currently at Find these and more before they sell out!

Vegan Candy Bars That Actually Taste Good

Adopting a completely vegan diet means avoiding more than just steak and chicken. All animal products including eggs and milk are off limits as well. Staying true to this change means reading the ingredient labels very closely, even on food items you might not expect – did you know most marshmallows are not vegan or vegetarian? That said, going vegan does not mean you should feel limited on the foods you enjoy.

Thumbs Up Brand Vegan Candy Bar |

Thankfully, the options for vegans these days are much richer than even a few years ago. We are happy to carry several completely vegan candy bars to satisfy your sweet tooth while staying true to your dietary needs.

Thumbs Up Vegan Candy Bars have a crispy, peanut buttery inside reminiscent of a more well-known Butterfinger. The outside it coated in “milk” chocolate although there is no actual milk involved. See for yourself why these got a 5-star review!

Cleo’s Peanut Butter Cups are not only vegan but they are also gluten free and void of trans fats as well as other artificial additives. Enjoy creamy peanut butter and rich chocolate made with rice-milk that is oh so satisfying!

Enjoy almonds, coconut, and chocolate while remaining vegan with Mahalo vegan candy bars. It’s like an almond joy without anything extra.

It’s good to know that you still have access to something that is yummy and convenient while eating an all vegan diet. Explore for more vegan candy bars and sweets!

Go for the Parade, Stay for the Candy

Parades can take place year round for a number of reasons, but there is something about a parade in the warm months that just stands out. Whether it is sports related, school related, or due to a holiday like the 4th of July, a parade is a spectacular showcase of talent that brings people together.

Collage of Parade Candy including Ice Cream Chews, Frooties, and Strawberry Chews

Adults and children alike gather to take in the sights. Remarkable floats and outrageous costumes create quite the spectacle along with the sounds of the marching band as it goes by. Whether you are in the parade or a part of the crowd, there is one component that makes it extra special: Candy!

Throwing parade candy is a part of the tradition that cannot be overlooked. The trick to parade candy is making sure you have the right types of sweets for optimum throwing and catching. We carry a hefty variety of wrapped candy that is perfect for parades.

Ice Cream Chews come in vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate and are superb for the spring and summer. Blue Rasperry is just one of several Frooties flavors that would make a great addition for a parade. You can also get all strawberry flavored Chews as well as wild cherry, peach, and more!

Stock up on the most scrumptious parade candy by visiting!

Life’s a Beach with Summer Candy!

Every season has its own magical moments and celebrations to look forward to. The summertime is about no school, visits to the pool and beach, the 4th of July, and sunny warm days. Even though the first official day of summer is June 21st, you don’t have to wait that long to enjoy scrumptious summer candy.

Beach with Candy |

Right before the summer hits, graduation celebrations abound. Treat your graduate to a sweet send-off as they head towards the next stage of their lives. Whether that may be college, trade school, or a full-time job, it is a major milestone! Buffet candy is available in the colors of your graduate’s school along with novelty candy that guests can take home.

What is summer without ice cream? An ice cream sundae on a warm afternoon or full-fledged ice cream social event is not complete without a complete selection of ice cream toppings. Hot fudge, cookie dough bites, chopped candy bars, and maraschino cherries are just a few of the delectable ice cream toppings available from Blair Candy.

Kids love snacking on gummy candies in the summer – or anytime if we are being honest. Fini’s Gummi Sour Octopus candy would be perfect for a beach-themed birthday party because of the cute octopus shape.

Explore more summer candy options by visiting!

What are Sixlets?

If you are a lover of classic candy, or just candy in general, then you have to become acquainted with Sixlets. This candy appeared on the market in the 1960s. While there are many theories, there is not a clear answer regarding the origin of the name. That said, these sweets are simple yet satisfying.

Original Sixlets Chocolate Candies in Small Packages |

So what exactly are Sixlets? Original Sixlets candies consist of a colorful sugar coating that surrounds a milk chocolate filling. The colors include red, brown, orange, green, and yellow. You will know it is a true Sixlet because of the classic spherical shape and the Sixlets mascot! This glasses- wearing caterpillar is a friendly reminder that Sixlets are fun and amazing!

In addition to individually wrapped packages, we also have Sixlets in bulk in assorted and solid colors. Use Sixlets as wedding favors by choosing your wedding colors and placing them in individual sachets. Your guests will thank you for the sweet snack!

They are also an excellent addition to a candy buffet. Kick it up a notch with clear glass jars filled to the brim with brightly colored Sixlets. Adding Sixlets along with gummy bears and red hots sounds like a good time to us.

The final step in truly knowing what Sixlets are is by experiencing them firsthand. Check out all the retro candy options at!

Make Movie Night Worthwhile with Movie Theater Candy Favorites!

With all the streaming services and on-demand options these days, it is easy to enjoy the latest movies from the coziness and comfort of your own couch. The right snacks are a MUST and that means including yummy movie theater candy!

Movie Theater Candy including Cookie Dough Bites, Raisinets, and JuJyfruits |

Blair Candy has all of your favorites and they come in the classic box you would get at the movie theater. This keeps the night delicious and authentic!

Who doesn’t love scrumptious, bite-size Cookie Dough Bites? Chocolate chip cookie dough bites covered in creamy milk chocolate are amazing. The box says to try them frozen, so what better way than by keeping them in the freezer at home and snagging them when you are ready!

Anyone who is a fan of Seinfeld will remember the JuJyfruits that Elaine just had to have before going to see her boyfriend in the hospital. We have to say that we completely relate. Hopefully your movie night won’t result in any emergencies other than maybe running out or JuJyfruits. One way this can be avoided is buying extra!

Another movie theater candy classic that is arguably more on the healthy side comes in the form of Raisinets. Chewy and chocolatey, Raisinets are also rich in fruit antioxidants and are 30% less fat than other leading chocolate brands.

Discover more movie theater candy that will make your movie night worthwhile by visiting!

Celebrate the 4th of July with Candy!

When the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence all those years ago, we don’t think they could have imagined what a spectacular celebration it would evolve into over the years. Amazing food, magical fireworks, and of course delicious CANDY, all in honor of our nation’s independence!

Patriotic Tootsie Pops |

At Blair Candy, we consider it our civic duty to carry all of the 4th of July candy needed to take your all-American celebration from good to star-spangled great.

During a 4th of July parade, wrapped candy is necessary to throw to the kids (and adults) in the crowd. Patriotic Flag Wrapped Tootsie Rolls, USA Flag Wrapped Mints, plus Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry and Cherry Limeade Tootsie Frooties are all flavorful and festive options.

Patriotic Tootsie Pops in cherry, strawberry-vanilla, and blue raspberry form a red, white, and blue trifecta filled with a yummy, chewy tootsie roll. Have these ready to go to enjoy during the fireworks display!

Whether you celebrate with a simple BBQ at home or attend a grand parade, the 4th of July is a special gathering that showcases the respect and pride we have for our nation. Shop all of the candy products available for the ultimate USA event!

Novelty Candy to Celebrate Toy Story 4

Reach for the sky to infinity and beyond! We combine two classic catchphrases to commemorate some upcoming excitement. On June 21, 2019 – nearly 24 years after the original movie came to theaters – Toy Story 4 will be released.

Pack of Jelly Belly Beans for Toy Story 4 |

We imagine that in addition to catching up with Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato Head, Jessie, Bo Peep, and all of the familiar faces we want to list (but will stop there for the sake of space) that some new characters will appear to warm our hearts too.

We will have to wait a little bit longer to find out what adventures will ensure this round. June is not that far away but it might feel that way. Fortunately, we have some delightful novelty candy available for you to enjoy while you re-watch the first three movies in preparation.

Jelly Belly came out with a specialty pack of Jelly Beans in honor of Toy Story 4! Each bag contains a mix of flavors that includes berry blue, cotton candy, lemon, sour apple, sour orange, and very cherry. What could be better? The answer to that question is enjoying them while watching Toy Story 4, so make sure you order extra!

Find this and more yummy novelty candy at!

How to Build the Perfect Sundae with Ice Cream Toppings

A bowl of ice cream is a blank canvas awaiting your personal artistic expression. The good news is that there is really no wrong way to achieve the perfect sundae because it is all about personal preference.

Waffle Cones and Ice Cream Sundaes with Ice Cream Toppings |

Start with the container. A simple bowl will always work, but you can always go with a mug, a waffle bowl, or an upside down bowler hat. We don’t actually recommend the last option but we also acknowledge that desperate times call for desperate measures.

Choose your ice cream. Not all sundaes have to start with vanilla ice cream. We are lucky to live in a world with countless ice cream flavors that can be nestled side by side to form the base of a scrumptious ice cream sundae. Choose what makes you happy.

Drizzle the sauce. Hot fudge is an excellent go-to. You can’t go wrong with caramel or peanut butter sauce either. If combining sauces calls to you on this particular occasion, then so be it. When applying the sauce, the Jackson Pollock method works wonders although it can get a little messy if your aim is off. Remember it is all in the wrist. Your final option is no sauce at all, which is a choice we respect but do not understand it.

Sprinkle the ice cream toppings. This might just be a simple addition of rainbow or chocolate sprinkles or it could get a little wild. In addition to favorites like M&M’s and chocolate chips, we have all of your favorite candy bars such as Reese’s, Snickers, and Twix already chopped up and ready to go.  Some of our other ice cream toppings include cookie dough, cheesecake pieces, and coconut flakes.

The final touch. We recommend a generous swirl of real whipped cream on top followed by a classic cherry or three.

The possibilities are endless and every ice cream sundae creation can be unique. Visit to find all your favorite ice cream toppings today!

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