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Let Easter Hershey Kisses Lighten Up Your Easter This Year

Pastel-Colored Hershey Kisses for Easter |

The whole point of having Easter candy around the house or your business during springtime is so that people can enjoy delicious chocolate and other sugary sweets for the holiday. If that’s what you’re after, then Blair Candy has you covered. Our stockpile of bulk Easter candy rivals any collection you’ve ever seen. But we also make special efforts to ensure our Easter candy is something more than delicious: we also want it to be bright and cheery, and just a quick look around at our Easter candy selection will show you we have that in spades.

One candy we’d like to highlight is the one you can see above, our adorable Easter Hershey Kisses, available in numerous pastel foil colors! The pinks, blues, and greens will really help you to ring in the warmer weather and spring flowers this Easter season. The Kisses you see above are the 25-pound variety of the candy, but you can also get an 8.5-ounce bag or even a box of Hershey springtime Kisses, which are two inches high and wrapped in cheery Easter-colored foil. Those are available in sets of 12, so you’ll have enough to share with family and friends or to use to stock the aisles of your store or other business.

The whole point of candy is to make people feel good, and although it certainly does this with its flavor, its appearance is just as important. So check out some happy Easter Hershey Kisses and other joyous candy this season from!

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