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Dive into Some Easter Hershey Kisses and Other Bulk Hershey Candy for Spring

Blue Bag of Easter-Themed Hershey’s Kisses |

Spring is obviously a time of celebration, warmth, light, new life, you name it. If it’s happy, you can probably find it during spring. And of course, we’re including candy in that category, specifically Hershey’s Easter candy, in this case!

Hershey’s likes celebrating Easter and spring, too. The company has a whole bunch of fun Easter candies for you to enjoy this season, starting with Easter Hershey Kisses! These are the same milk chocolatey Kisses you’ve always loved, but for the holiday, they’re wrapped up in festive pink, blue, and green foil wrappers! You get 8.5 ounces of Kisses in each of those bags pictured above. That’s enough to toss into some plastic eggs as Easter egg hunt candy.

Other wonderfully delicious candy Hershey’s makes for Easter includes milk chocolate bunnies, of course Reese’s peanut butter eggs, and solid milk chocolate eggs! These little eggs are wrapped in pastel-colored foil and are perfectly poppable during the entire Easter season! We know you and your family and friends will enjoy a lot of these this spring.

So dive right into all that Hershey’s has to offer you by checking out Easter Hershey Kisses and the rest of our Easter candy page right now at! You’ll be happy you did.

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