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Pick Up Some Zitner’s Eggs as Your Easter Egg Hunt Candy This Season

A Box of Butter Krak Easter Eggs from Zitner’s |

Easter egg hunts are just part of the Easter tradition for so many of us, and when you need just the right Easter egg hunt candy, you might wonder: what exactly should that be?

In this case, we’re recommending Zitner’s Easter eggs. An Easter favorite since the 1920s, Zitner’s eggs come in numerous varieties that include Butter Krak, Cocoanut Cream, and Peanut Butter. The Butter Krak eggs, pictured above, feature buttery cream inside shells of dark chocolate and coconut. They’re just perfect for sinking your teeth into this Easter.

Cocoanut Cream Zitner’s eggs, of course, feature creamy coconut inside chocolate eggshells. And last but not least, the peanut butter eggs are chocolate shells encasing delicious, sugary peanut butter. We’re guessing you couldn’t eat just one at a time! Although, we must say, no one’s going to judge you if you do. When you’re done hiding the eggs around the yard for the big hunt, you might just want to slip a few into your pocket for later. We’ll never tell!

As you can see, these are some of our own personal favorite Easter egg hunt candy, and we’re always excited to pass some joy along to our customers, too! You can order any of these scrumptious Zitner’s Easter eggs right now on

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