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Order Up Some Candy in Bulk to Make All Your Customers Happy

Have you ever been in one of those old-timey general stores where they have the huge barrels of bulk candy for customers to buy by the pound? If so, you’ve probably noticed just how much fun it is to wander up and down those aisles, just taking in all the different types of wrapped and unwrapped bulk candy they have.

Here at Blair Candy, we specialize in just that type of candy in bulk, as we sell both to individual customers and small businesses. Trust us, we know that joy people feel when they see the barrels of candy. We deal in bulk candy every day! So we’d like to highlight some bulk candy options that you might enjoy for your store if indeed you do that barrel thing (secret: it’s a really, really good idea).

Pictured above, we’ve got bulk SweeTart twist packs that make great grab-and-go candy. Each little pack contains mini SweeTarts in assorted flavors. These are so sugary sweet that our mouths are watering just writing about them. Staying with wrapped bulk candy, we’ve also got the lovely creamy caramel mini Cow Tales in an 11-pound bulk box. Customers will love tossing a handful (or two) of these in their bags.

In the unwrapped candy department, we’ve got customer favorites such as Jelly Belly jelly beans, licorice wheels, 11-pound bags of candy blocks, Wonka Runts, and so much more! You’re going to have fun yourself just picking out what you want to fill those candy barrels with!

Head on over to to view all of our candy in bulk!

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