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Let Lollipops in Bulk Get You Through the Rest of Winter

A Box of Charms Hot Chocolate Lollipops |

At the end of February, many people in the cold regions of the country might already be thinking about spring. It’s easy to do, since we know March will start to bring us more seasonable temperatures. But that harsh winter isn’t over just yet, and we often find we need a little sweet something to get us through those final weeks of winter before spring.

Why not make that something lollipops in bulk? There’s a lot we can recommend, but first, we’re suggesting Hot Chocolate Pops from Charms. These delicious lollipops feature creamy marshmallow in pure milk chocolate. These pops will make you feel all cozy and warm inside!

Next up we have a really fun item: whistle pops! A classic candy toy, whistle pops let you enjoy a strawberry-flavored lollipop while raising and lowering the stick to make whistle sounds at a pitch of your choice! They’re simple, yet really fun!

Laser pops are another lollipop toy. You can enjoy lollipop flavors such as cherry and strawberry while pushing the button on your lollipop to see a colorful picture in the light beam! Kids will love playing with these!

There’s a ton of fun you can have with lollipops in bulk this winter. Order yours today from!

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