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Give the Gift of Easter Jolly Ranchers This Spring

Bag of Jolly Rancher Spring Smoothie Mix Candies |

As we’ve said before, we love it when candies go all seasonal on us, and one of our own personal favorite candies is Jolly Ranchers, those sweet, ever-so-flavorful hard candies that people have been enjoying for a long time.

In this case, for Easter (and springtime in general), Jolly Ranchers have come out with their springtime smoothie mix of candies. In each 12-ounce bag of these, you get about 55 wrapped Jolly Rancher candies in smoothie flavors that include strawberry, watermelon, mixed berry, peach, and orange. These candies are a positively refreshing way to start the spring season.

You may also enjoy Jolly Rancher jelly beans this Easter season. These are a true springtime delight. The jelly beans feature the same original fruit flavors of traditional Jolly Ranchers, so you know exactly what you’re getting. The jelly beans are bite sized and are going to keep you coming back for more. These truly are hard to keep in stock every year!

We certainly hope you enjoy all varieties of our Easter Jolly Ranchers this season. Or, if chocolate is more your thing, we’ve got Hershey’s springtime and Easter candy all over the place. There’s a lot to see, so go to to shop all our Easter candy this spring!

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