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Get Your My Lil Lion Cat Treats and Other Bulk Pet Snacks at Blair Candy!

Bag of My Lil Lion Tuna-Flavored Cat Treats |

Recently, we at Blair Candy added a bunch of adorable dog and cat treats to our inventory, not wanting to exclude our furry pet friends from the joy of a good sweet now and then. Now your dogs and cats can settle down with some snacks just the same as you!

My Lil Lion cat treats are big with cats, especially seeing as they come in flavors that include tuna, codfish, and salmon, all favorites of the typical housecat. Your kitty will also love our varieties of PureBites cat treats, which are available in whitefish, shrimp, and beef liver flavors.

We didn’t forget about your canines! For all those pet dogs out there, Blair Candy carries a ton of dog bones from our local bakery Poocheychef! Flavors of these dog bones include peanut butter, yogurt, bacon, oats and apple, and pumpkin. You can also get your dog Poocheychef bacon strips and chicken jerky treats, all tasty little snacks that he or she is sure to love.

If you’re looking for bulk dog and cat treats, Blair Candy is now the place to go! We’ve got even more than we’ve written about here, so we encourage you to go to and check out our entire pet treat inventory right now. We’re a wholesale candy retailer happy to serve both humans and pets!

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