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Get Ready for Spring with Boxes of Hershey Springtime Kisses

Box of Hershey’s Springtime Kisses in Bulk |

Hershey’s is great at transforming its candy products into adorable seasonal variations of themselves throughout the year. After recently enjoying the Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day versions of Hershey’s candy, we’ve got Hershey springtime Kisses here for you, and they sure are fun!

Each Kiss is almost two inches tall and weighs about 1.45 ounces. In keeping with its spring theme, each Kiss is wrapped in silver foil adorned with springtime-appropriate polka dots in green, yellow, pink, and blue. That makes these Kisses absolutely cheery and a great way to celebrate the new life of spring!

Of course, springtime Hershey Kisses aren’t the only delicious candy Hershey’s produces around Easter time. On our Easter Candy page, you’ll find a ton of Easter and spring treats from Hershey’s, including milk chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, small Hershey’s Kisses in bulk pastel colors, Kit Kat bunny ears, Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, and so much more. Hershey’s really knows how to celebrate a season, and we love getting the word out to all our customers! Order everything you’ll need for the season now while supplies last (pro tip: this kind of stuff sells fast!)

Stop by today for Hershey springtime Kisses and many other kinds of spring candy from Hershey’s and a variety of other manufacturers!

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