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Don’t Neglect Easter Gummies in Your Basket This Year

Bag of Vidal Gummi Bunnies as Easter Candy |

Amidst all the chocolate, coconut, jelly beans, and peanut butter Easter candy you’re going to enjoy this year, you simply can’t forget about Easter gummies! And there are a ton of them. Yes, it’s always a thrill to enjoy some Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs or Zitner’s coconut eggs, but gummies are also a sugary Easter classic, and when we’re talking about manufacturer Vidal, you know you should pay attention!

Vidal always has you covered for fun holiday gummies, and they don’t let you down for Easter, either. For this holiday, the company has gummi bunnies, chicks, and carrots. The carrots, naturally, are orange flavored, while the chicks and bunnies are strawberry flavored (though multicolored!)

As if these yummy Vidal gummies weren’t enough, we also carry SweeTarts sour bunny gummies! Four flavors of gummies are included in each bag, and each gummy is coated with sour sugar. This is a super fun Easter twist on traditional SweeTart candies.

No matter what your candy tastes are, we’re pretty sure you couldn’t say no to these absolutely scrumptious Easter gummies. Their chewy textures and sugary flavors make them an irresistible Easter-time snack, and we’ve got numerous varieties!

Shop for all our Easter gummies for this season on!

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