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Celebrate the Color Green with All Your St. Patrick’s Day Candy This Year

Bag of Frooties in Green Apple Flavoring |

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated around the world as an honoring of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. In the United States, people love to hold parades, attend parties, and, of course, wear green! You’ll see green everywhere on St. Patrick’s Day, and Blair Candy loves to join in the fun by featuring a whole bunch of green sweets as St. Patrick’s Day candy!

First up, as you can see above, we’ve got green Frooties in green apple flavor. These sugary chews are mouthwateringly good and will leave you wanting so many more. Another green candy is our gummy apple rings, colored in green and white. Mini chocolate balls in either lime green or dark green are always a favorite. The candied mini balls of chocolate are bite sized and are so delicious that we’re betting you can’t eat just one.

And the list of green candies just goes on and on! Lite green rock candy, green apple or watermelon Air Heads, apple Laffy Taffy, and many others are all part of this group, and they’re all featuring right now for St. Patrick’s Day.

Be sure to get your St. Patrick’s Day candy before it sells out, right now on!

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