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Blair Candy Has the Supplies You Need to Fill Those Easter Candy Baskets

A Deluxe Can of Assorted Easter Candy in Bulk |

Easter candy baskets can be large or small, but no matter their size, their owners expect them to be filled with numerous types of Easter sweets every year. It can be time-consuming work to collect all the sweets you’ll need for this task, so luckily, Blair Candy makes it easy for you by carrying Can-Dee’s Can of Easter, a tin can chock full of appropriately themed Easter candies.

One can contains about 60 pieces of candy of various types. We can’t guarantee exactly which candies you’ll get, but we can say this: any can you receive will contain brand-name candy. Some of the varieties you may find in your deluxe can include: Reese’s eggs, Easter Pez candy, spring mix Twizzlers, Tootsie Frooties, Zitner eggs, and jelly beans. These are just a few of the sweet Easter treats you may receive in your order. Not bad, right?

Be sure to browse through our entire Easter candy page to see the rest of our Easter offerings. There’s a ton of fun bulk Easter products for you to see, including a bunch of candy we’ll bet you’ve never tried before. These would be Fluffy Stuff cotton tails cotton candy, Swedish Fish eggs, bubble gum eggs, sports ball eggs, and so much more.

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