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Valentine’s Day Peeps Are a Sugary Holiday Delight You Won’t Want to Miss

Valentine’s Day Peeps in Strawberry Creme Hearts |

Peeps are that kind of candy that just doesn’t get old, especially since they’re one of those brands that reinvent themselves into fun shapes and designs for every holiday. We all know and love the Peeps chicks for Easter, monsters and cats for Halloween, and snowmen for Christmas. They’re fun, adorable, and simply delicious, the sugar-coated marshmallow candy just melting in your mouth.

Well, Just Born has done it again for the holidays with their Valentine’s Day Peeps, and we at Blair Candy are just loving every bit of them! Our own hearts melt for the holiday-themed strawberry creme-flavored marshmallow hearts. You get nine of those scrumptious little snacks in one pack, so we’re going out on a limb and calling that a fantastic deal.

Another kind of Valentine’s Day Peeps you can get is the package of light pink vanilla creme-flavored marshmallow hearts. As with the red strawberry creme Peeps, these hearts are just making our mouths water as we think about them. And if we react that way, imagine how much your valentine will love them come February 14!

Be sure to check out right now for all our Valentine’s Day Peeps and other assorted bulk Valentine’s Day candy!

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