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This Valentine’s Day, Accent Your Life with Some Colored Candy in Bulk

Miniature Red Chocolate Balls for Valentine’s Day |

One of the things you may not have noticed about the holidays is that many of them have colors or color schemes associated with them. We’re sure all the colors only add to your enjoyment of the seasons, but have you ever actually thought about the colors that at some point were assigned to each holiday? We sure have, since most holiday candy is colored to correspond to those schemes. The Fourth of July obviously has its red, white, and blue thing going on. Halloween’s got the black and orange. Thanksgiving has white, orange, and yellow. And Christmas is a red and green delight.

Now, you all know the story on Valentine’s Day colors. Red, red, pink, and more red! To celebrate Valentine’s Day, this day of love and candy, we’re drawing attention to all our themed Valentine’s candy, as well as to our colored candy in bulk that you can make into your own Valentine’s Day candy buffets.

We’ve got the holiday-themed candy: the Reese’s hearts, the jelly heart Jolly Ranchers, the red- or pink-wrapped giant Hershey Kisses. But what of the bulk colored candy? Let us tell you about them. We’ve got mini chocolate balls wrapped in either red or pink foil wrappers, red cinnamon imperials candy, red hot cinnamon gummy bears, and red or pink candy sticks, lollipops, Air Heads, and Frooties. Turn any of these into ingredients for your Valentine’s Day candy displays.

And for more colored candy in bulk, keep shopping on!

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