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Get Your Lollipops in Bulk from Blair Candy for Your Children’s School Fundraisers

Three Jumbo-Sized Rainbow Swirly Lollipops |

Lollipops are a classic candy that everyone from children to adults seems to enjoy. What’s great is that lollipops come in such great varieties. There’s the traditional candy lollipops, the solid candy that sits atop a stick. There are lollipops with real insects inside of them and, of course, all kinds of chocolate lollipops of numerous shapes and designs. The reason for lollipops’ popularity is probably easy to explain: people like eating delicious candy right off the top of a stick they can conveniently hold in their hands.

This is likely why lollipops are so popular in schools for fundraisers. They’re delicious, they’re not too expensive, and the purchase of a student’s lollipops goes toward a good cause, whatever that may be. For all these reasons, Blair Candy is proud to offer our customers a huge assortment of lollipops in bulk for your perusal. You’ve certainly got a lot to browse through, including:

Charms hot chocolate pops. These are fun lollipops composed of creamy marshmallows inside of scrumptious chocolate casings. These will get you through the harsh winter for sure!
Hotlix assorted ant lollipops. Each box contains 36 individually wrapped pops, with real ants inside them! They are perfectly safe to eat, taste good, and are great for giving people a good surprise!
Rainbow swirly lollipops. These are the lollipops pictured above. These jumbo-sized lollipops measure about 12 inches long from end to end. The candy itself is a multi-flavored swirly rainbow shape. These individually wrapped pops are prime wholesale candy, meaning you can order a bunch for a low price and use them for your school fundraisers!

We carry many more lollipop varieties than just these, so we encourage you to head over to and check out our stock for all your lollipop fundraiser needs!

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