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Get Some Fun Novelty Candy as Your Valentine’s Day Candy in Bulk This Year

A Box of Wacko-Wax Lips for Valentine’s Day |

There’s no shortage of candy options available all around you at Valentine’s Day. We’ve written about a lot of them on this blog, including red Peeps hearts, Reese’s Peanut Butter Hearts, and Brach’s conversation hearts. These are all quintessential Valentine’s candy, and they’re certainly popular for a reason. They’re sugary sweet and are decked out in classic Valentine’s Day colors of red and pink.

But let us also suggest to you some unique novelty Valentine’s Day candy in bulk that you, your children, and your children’s classmates might enjoy this Valentine’s Day:

Sweet Beads. Give the gift of jewelry to that special someone this Valentine’s Day – candy jewelry, that is! Sweet Beads gives kids all they need to string candy bead necklaces and then wear them (and eat them). That’s a sweet valentine!
Wacko-Wax Lips. These aren’t actually a candy, but they sure are perfect for Valentine’s Day! You bite down on the back of the lips, leaving nothing but a big, red mouth for all to see. Be sure to pose for photo ops after wearing these!
Cella’s Chocolate-Covered Cherries. These are a lovely and extra sweet candy that features either dark or milk chocolate coating a juicy cherry inside. Bite into one of these to enjoy the chocolate and wait as the cherry juice dribbles out. Absolutely delicious!

These are just a sampling of the Valentine’s Day candy in bulk we’ve got available this year. Be sure to browse all our delicious selections right now at!

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