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A Gigantic Hershey’s Kiss Will Be Perfect Valentine’s Day Candy in Bulk

A Giant Hershey’s Kiss for Valentine’s Day |

Valentine’s Day is certainly a great day for surprising the person you love with a nice, sweet surprise. Sometimes you have to get creative with certain people because they’re good at figuring out what they’re getting, or maybe they have just come to expect the same types of candy gifts from you.

If that’s the case, we have the solution! As you’re shopping around for Valentine’s Day candy in bulk this year, look no further than the gigantic hollow Hershey’s Kiss! This beast has a shipping weight of about one pound and measures six inches wide and six and a half inches tall. It’s all wrapped in a giant silver foil wrapper and presented in a clear box.

This is a truly exquisite candy that we think deserves such treatment, and that’s why it’ll so impress your valentine on this February 14. Whoever they are, they’ll be amazed by the sheer size of this Kiss, and will surely take their time eating it, making the sweetness last as long as possible. That’ll make this Valentine’s Day gift one they won’t soon forget!

So give the gift of a Kiss this year: don’t conclude your Valentine’s Day candy in bulk shopping without picking up one of these giant Kisses, from Hershey’s and!

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